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MinebeaMitsumi EU / MinebeaMitsumi EU

About MinebeaMitsumi Europe

MinebeaMitsumi Europe combines all European subsidiaries of the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group. The aims of the collaboration among MinebeaMitsumi Europe subsidiaries are the use of synergies, the optimization of the production and production processes, the development of new products as well as the introduction of common standards.

The MinebeaMitsumi Newsroom Europe has been created to improve MinebeaMitsumi Europe's corporate communications and to appear as a unit in public. The subsidiaries include CEROBEAR GmbH, Minebea intec GmbH, myonic GmbH, NMB-Minebea GmbH, NMB Minebea UK Ltd, Paradox Engineering SA and PM DM GmbH. Some companies are specialists in the development and manufacturing of special ball bearings, others develop new technology components, motors, software and complete systems for general industrial applications, aircraft and automotive components, medical technology and the food industry.


MinebeaMitsumi Technology

MinebeaMitsumi offers solutions and a plurality of key technologies for different industrial sectors.


All About MinebeaMitsumi

An introduction to MinebeaMitsumi, which provides global support through all precision parts.



Growth and development processes accompany precision processing and mass production.



Introducing all of our products in machining components and electronic components.