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Company Topical 30.10.2018     Author: MinebeaMitsumi Europe

“European Faces and Stories“ Part 2 – Marlene Metzger from Germany

Our second European story is about Marlene Metzger from Germany. In 2014, she started her apprenticeship at Minebea Intec and stuck with the team in Hamburg afterwards. She ensures smooth processes in the production of load cells. What we like best about her report: Marlene told us, that she enjoys working for MinebeaMitsumi every single day.

Marlene Metzger is a production engineer at Minebea Intec in Germany. She is 32 years old and has worked for the company for over four years now. We asked her to give us a little insight into her daily work routine and her most exciting project at the MinebeaMitsumi subsidiary so far.

» I am very lucky to be involved in the production of top-quality products. We produce load cells for numerous different areas such as the chemical sector, food industry or weighbridges, with which vehicles can be weighed. As a production engineer, I primarily ensure smooth production processes. If there is potential for optimization, I coordinate the respective measures with the relevant departments, for example quality management or purchasing, and the responsible developers. My big challenge is to react as quickly and precisely as possible to any kind of problems and to assess the scope of them. I have to find the right contacts right away, so any problem can be solved promptly. Of course, communication across all the different departments is not always easy, but always on a friendly, collegial basis.  

During my apprenticeship I worked on a very challenging project, which was also my intermediate examination. I had to examine a load machine, which works according to the principle of reference. At that point, I did not know much about weighing technology and the machine itself. So I had to collect, sort and rate a lot of information. Especially the experiments, the evaluation and the close team work with many different colleagues made this project particularly interesting for me. It brought some new discoveries, even if the desired result is not found yet. We still work on the optimization and it is always nice to be part of an improvement process.

I really like my job because I have a multi-faceted workday and nice colleagues. Of course, there are stressful times as well, but I come to work with a good feeling every day. We have a very nice atmosphere among the colleagues and also meet in our spare time occasionally. So far, I had very little contact with other European MinebeaMitsumi colleagues. Honestly, before Minebea Intec was bought by MinebeaMitsumi,  I did not know the company name. This was probably due to the fact that many MinebeaMitsumi products are often “hidden” in numerous different fields of applications. At that time, there were also only a few small production sites in Europe. With products “made in Europe”, the European awareness and cooperation among the subsidiaries will certainly increase.