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Company Topical 14.11.2018

“European Stories and Faces” Part 3 – Lukas Kulha from Slovakia

MinebeaMitsumi opened a new production plant in Košice, Slovakia on 15 June 2018. The start of production was celebrated with a grand opening ceremony together with 200 guests. Lukas Kulha was involved even before that. Since May 2017 he is part of the “Košice-Project” and now told us, what is so special about the new member of the MinebeaMitumi subsidiaries and why it is his best work experience so far.

Lukas Kulha is a SAP Inventory Specialist and works for MinebeaMitsumi Slovakia for almost two years. He is 31 years old, newly-married and definitely the sporty type of person. He studied Economics and Management at the University of Economics in Košice.

» Honestly, before I started to work for MinebeaMitsumi, I have never heard of the company before. One of the reasons I applied for the job was the product portfolio. It is extremely diverse and not limited to automotive products. I am a SAP Inventory Specialist and my key tasks are material management, production planning as well as sales and distribution. SAP means “Systems, Applications and Products” in the field of electronic data processing. I coordinate, configure and maintain the respective SAP processes. This includes the registration of material, production versions, customers and vendors, for example. You could call it SAP master data maintenance. I also train new staff at Košice site.

My other tasks are related to the field of logistics and export, where I have to work closely with the sales departments. We established an Import-Export-System (IES) for business route maintenance. I am also responsible for the preparation and invoicing of shipping documents and of the KPI reporting. KPI means Key Performance Indicator and is a type of performance or success measurement for operations, which is a very challenging and important task.

New projects are coming up constantly, and I would say this is my biggest challenge at MinebeaMitsumi. SAP Processes have to be optimized steadily. This is also due to the fact, that Košice is still a newborn production plant and the new projects are always a challenge for all the staff members regardless of the department or position. Some projects are transferred to Košice from other MinebeaMitsumi locations, and those projects are always a little bit easier since we work together closely with the colleagues from other subsidiaries. They support us as much as possible, especially the members of our other Slovakian location, Bratislava. We can also rely on the colleagues from the motor development centre PM DM in Germany, where our manufactured products have their origin.

The close collaboration with so many different European locations is very challenging and at the same time rewarding. I can definitely say that this is my best job experience so far.