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Company 04.10.2018

“European Stories and Faces” – The new MinebeaMitsumi Newsroom Series

What is it like to work for the MinebeaMitsumi Group in Europe? What are the most challenging projects and the most motivating goals? Over the last month, we started to capture impressions and opinions of our employees all over Europe. The look behind the curtain was rewarding: There are a whole lot of interesting and individual European stories to tell, which will be published in the new Newsroom series “European Faces and Stories”. Today we get to know Stephen Sherry, who works for NMB-Minebea UK for almost five years now and can teach us a lot about trust and commitment.

Stephen Sherry is Technical Sales Engineer / Key Account Manager for NMB-Minebea UK Ltd. in Lincoln. He is 28 years old, describes himself as young(ish) and as a quite active guy. The Newsroom editors asked him to describe his profession, his personal challenges and what motivates him.

» I hold an undergraduate degree with honours in Product Design. Prior to my time at University I studied A-Level Geography, Biology and Product Design. While working for MinebeaMitsumi I was initially aligned to the Engineering Department as a Systems Engineer within the UK factory - the UK site designs, manufactures and tests advanced bearing solutions predominantly for aerospace applications. The knowledge and experience gained from my Systems Engineering role has helped greatly in terms of technical knowledge of NMB products and has been of particular benefit in my current position as a Technical Sales Engineer. Today, my primary role is seeking new opportunities within UK sales territories as a representative of the MinebeaMitsumi aerospace commodity. I work as part of a tight-knit UK team as we work to establish new strategies for growth within our designated sales region for and on behalf of all factories (global) aligned to the MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace commodity. I am also a Key Account Manager which gives me the opportunity to work across several Business Units to establish new strategies and build working relationships with this key customer globally.

As a young(ish) salesmen the biggest challenge is prospecting while only having known the customer contacts for a short period of time; the key to this is trust and to built on this over time. As a key customer advocate it is essential to build strong ties with key customer personnel so in future that trust is in place for business development to flourish. Trust is built over time and it is through long term business ventures that these relationships and trust grows. As a Key Account Manager my greatest challenge to date has been to build working relationships with key contacts within this strategic account.

We have some very talented people within our group, their passion helps drive me and many others and means the team grows stronger together. This is a big driver for me and makes working for this company truly amazing. One other aspect that I enjoy about MinebeaMitsumi is the size of our worldwide operations and global customer base. I have enjoyed many international business trips with the company where I have had the opportunity to experience a diverse array of cultures, this is something I very much enjoy about my current role and I look forward to what the future holds and other opportunities for travel that may arise. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my role, and Management allow me to innovate which is both a challenge and at the same time very fulfilling. "Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." (Vince Lombardi) I am a strong believer of this!

Being part of a global business means I see a lot of variety in terms of culture and we all seem to share the same passion for the business we represent. It is this passion that makes MinebeaMitsumi a very enjoyable company to work for.