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Product 01.10.2017     Author: MinebeaMitsumi

Spatial design by Mr. Yasumichi Morita (designer) - New LED Lighting Product "SALIOT Showroom" opened on September 27 Displaying the Latest Functions of the Leading-Edge Smart Lighting SALIOT

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. opened the "SALIOT Showroom" on September 27 (Wed) exhibiting a new type of LED lighting product "SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things)"Through the combination of ultra-precision, optical and wireless technologies of MinebeaMitsumi, "SALIOT" is a smart adjustable LED lighting, released since 2015, enabling users to easily adjust the light distribution angle, brightness and illumination position (up and down, right and left) with a smartphone and tablet. Usually, the adjustment of lighting installed on large and high ceiling is conducted manually with a stepladder or an adjusting rod. That work was time and labor consuming and costly, but SALIOT is capable of controlling the direction of light and light distribution angles with just one controller. Reducing the burden of high-place work and a layout change, it is a high-performance lighting product that enables lighting expression that has never existed before.

Designed by Yasumichi Morita, Born of the Latest Showroom of Smart Lighting, SALIOT

For the interior design of the "SALIOT Showroom", which has the ceiling height of 5 meters and the total area of 145 square meters, MinebeaMisumi chose the designer Yasumichi Morita (CEO of GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.) who has an active presence in Asia, the USA and Europe. In the artistic space that crosses the boundaries of conventional lighting product showrooms, the group has installed over 200 pieces of the latest models of SALIOT. A beautiful landscape of light and shadow is created by the fusion of spatial design by Yasumichi Morita and SALIOT.

The showroom consists of four areas and corridors partitioned by giant gold walls. Each area has a set scene such as a retail booth, a gallery, a studio, and a dining room. The latest models are installed in each area and able to experience the comprehensive power of the lighting performance of SALIOT which allows flexible transformation. MinebeaMitsumi plans to hold various events at the showroom in the future and the showroom functions as a place to experience the possibilities of new lighting-Lighting Innovations.

With the opening of this "SALIOT Showroom", MinebeaMitsumi aims the full-scale introduction of SALIOT to commercial facilities (department stores, shopping centers, apparel related etc.), show rooms (car dealers etc.), museums, educational facilities, event spaces, hotels and other places.

MinebeaMitsumi believes that lighting will play an important role in the future IoT society by linking devices in our daily life. The group will further continue to take up the challenge of adding new values to lighting and aim to deliver products that are useful for people in charge of lighting such as for shops as well as for people in the lighting industry and the lives of end users.

Spatial design, Logo design:

Yasumichi Morita
Designer / CEO of GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1967.
Since starting with a project in Hong Kong in 2001, he has successfully broadened his appeal to New York, London, Paris, Doha and other major cities. He has also enthusiastically been expanding his career as a designer displaying his talents across a wide variety of graphics and products.
His works include "ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur" based on the concept of Cool Japan in 2016, which has received high praise. In 2013 his first monograph "GLAMOROUS PHILOSOPHY NO.1" was published by PARCO Publishing. He has branched out as an artist and his solo photo exhibition "Porcelain Nude" has been annually held in Paris since 2015, which received high praise.

Awards: SEGD Global Design Award, A' Design Award and Competition, Design For Asia Awards, the International Hotel and Property Awards, INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS, THE LONDON LIFESTYLE AWARDS, the Andrew Martin Interior Designers of the Year Awards etc.

Comments from Yasumichi Morita

Design Concept

"For experiencing the appeal and new possibilities of SALIOT, I proposed a huge wall of organic form in the space. It has the feel of a giant sculpture, architecture and even like a Magnificent nature. Beautiful light and shadows are created when exposed to light.

This new born space is a landscape to experience light and shadow and will be a special place to guide you to a journey to explore the possibilities of the new lighting."

Logo Concept

"I composed it expressing the light illuminated from various directions.
It is a simple design, yet sophisticated and a symbolic design with a sense of story.
I imaged the infinite expansion and possibilities from the expanse of spotlight Illuminations.

The design also contains a wish for the brand to be the one always have a spotlight from many directions and always be on the spotlight."